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Tabards or vest/waistcoats Stavellan vest are made from the best reflective materials. The polyester is the textile fabric used for our vests and other reflective products, fabric is available in following colours: Fluor yellow and flour orange. Our flour yellow and flour orange is tested and certified in accordance with EN471-02. Stavellan vests are CE certified according to the standard EN 471-02 or EN1150 for non-professional use.

Glodian Tape is a product of High Technology for retro-reflection. Glodian performs well in night time with its retro-reflectivity as well as day time with its conspicuous color for road safety. This product is remarkably durable to maintain the quality and reflective performance. And the materials for Glodian are non-toxic proved by complying EN71 Part3. The Glodian tape is manufactured with Super-Sonic to preserve more reflecting area than other products. With the flexibility, various colors & sizes of Glodian you can have lots of choices in making your Safety Vest and other products.
As you know Microprism type reflective tapes have been much more expensive than glassbead type ones. Sometimes you may hesitate to use microprism type reflective tape because of its expensive price. But now there no need to worry about it. You can use our fully qualified GLODIAN™ series at very reasonable prices.

Works When Wet
Stavellan uses both microprismatic and glassbead reflective tapes, but seriously recommends microprismatic reflective tapes to our customers.
Numerous tests provide proof that prismatic technology is superior in terms of brightness to open lens glass bead particularly in wet weather. Whilst both prismatic and glass bead exceed all the EN471, the European Standard for High Visibility garments, the EN471 standard, does allow for a drop in brightness performance of 70% in rainfall, but the risk of an accidents does not drop by 70% in rainfall.

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