Stavellan is a manufacturing company owned and managed by Finnish and Norwegian individuals in Manila, Philippines. Stavellan produces CE EN13356 Pedestrian Reflectors, CE EN471 High-visibility Warning Clothing for professional use, CE EN1150 High-visibility Warning Clothing for non-professional use and whole seller of other reflectorized materials to be used for traffic safety and media. All our products are Certified complying the CE Standards and for sure on top of the excellent quality with very competitive pricing.

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Road Traffic Victims at Dark Rarely Use a Reflector

Retroreflectors are devices that operate by returning light back to the light source along the same light direction.

Reflector is used on road surfaces, road signs, vehicles, clothing and hanging accessory. When the headlights of a car hit a retroreflective surface, the reflected light will return back directly towards the source of light and the driver of the car. However, a pedestrian can see retroreflective surfaces in the dark only if there is a light source directly between them and the reflector (e.g., via a flashlight they carry) or directly behind them (e.g., via a car approaching from behind).

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