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Stavellan is a manufacturing company owned and managed by Finnish and Norwegian individuals in Manila, Philippines. Stavellan produces CE EN13356 Pedestrian Reflectors, CE EN471 High-visibility Warning Clothing for professional use, CE EN1150 High-visibility Warning Clothing for non-professional use and whole seller of other reflectorized materials to be used for traffic safety and media. All our products are Certified complying the CE Standards and for sure on top of the excellent quality with very competitive pricing.

With our commitment to safety, Stavellan started to fill the vacuum created by the lack of safety consciousness in the Philippines and has set the ground for a safer environment. Stavellan has local manufacturing in Manila, Philippines for Soft Reflectors, Reflective Vest and promoting and providing CE certified and ISO 9001/14001 compliant Pedestrian Reflectors and Safety Vest to the export markets as well.

We manufacture soft pedestrian reflectors, reflectorized ID-holder, traffic vest/sash, reflective rope barrier and we also supply reflective materials for billboard (Front-lit or Back-lit for), fence AD, poster, banner, Traffic safety applications on Post band, Delineator, Barrier and Traffic drum with excellent quality and competitive price. The specialty of our products offering is that the reflective material we supply are complying with the full EN 471, EN1150, EN13356 standards.

Stavellan Pedestrian Reflectors are excellent device for traffic safety, should be used by School children walking from home to school during the dark, late night workers, night walkers/joggers, bikers, motorcyclers and all pedestrians who are exposed to traffic specially in the unlit roads. On the other hand, the reflectors are useful as a Corporate giveaways for companies who has a responsibilities in the society.

In addition to this Stavellan reflectors are also supporting sustainable development. We equally employ women & men and we try to employ people who most need the job. Use of child labor is naturally out of question in Stavellan. We guarantee that we are the most affordable real CE EN 13356 Certified manufacturer of pedestrian reflectors in the whole world.

All our soft reflectors come in white or yellow reflective materials. We can customize your reflectors with any imprints and also customize your own reflector shape upon request.

All our products which are meant for personal safety, are made of reflective material that is according to many studies much more reflective than 3M Scotchlite material and of course we are CE EN13356 certified.

We also have our own Swedish made reflectivity tester (Reflextestaren) that is the same as The Central Organization for Traffic Safety Finland is using. We are always testing the new models reflectivity before starting the production in order to determine the right reflective size according the regulations.

Please ask always a quotation from us and you will get it within hours.

Note: There are no custom duties for reflectors made in Philippines in EU, China made are having 6.5% duty in EU.